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The name of an honorable, hardworking family. A history dating to Dresden, Germany where Gottlieb, born abt.1741 became a landscape gardener then journeyed to Russia at the call of Catherine the Great with her manifesto of July 22, 1763. Gottlieb became a founding father of Makarowka (Merkel), August 28, 1766. When social and political tides of the late 19th century influenced life in Merkel, new lands were sought in North and South America to once again begin new lives.

The purpose of this web site:

  • Present the extensive background work done by Clarence J. Margheim to provide genealogy of the Margheim name
  • Illustrate the life and times of Margheims during a period from Gottlieb Margheim through today
  • Enhance the genealogy with explanations, stories, pictures and history provided by many individuals to present this compilation


Over 25,000 individuals comprised of over 8,100 families have been collected into the Margheim genealogy. The genealogy has been compiled from records found in Russia by a professional genealogist and translated. Copies of the original documents will be presented on this site.


  • Many pictures of people and places.
  • Inclusion of work compiled by other researchers.
  • Explanations and stories of the who, why, where, what, when and how Germans journeyed to Russia to begin new lives in the barren steppes bordering the Volga river basin.

Links and other material.

  • Links to other websites containing interesting material relevant to the genealogy presented.
  • Maps to help illustrate the history and genealogy presented herein.
  • Other material that may be provided as this site becomes known and other people contribute to its purpose.

This site is not intended to be the sole effort of one individual but a place to present the work of many to be shared with many. Contributions will be accepted and appreciated. The author reserves the right to determine what may be added to the sight

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An extensive collection of Margheims descended from Gottlieb who journeyed to Russia at the call of Catherine the Great's Manifesto