Fairfax County, Virginia



Matches 1 to 37 of 37

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Elizabeth B.  1811Fairfax County, Virginia I09723
2 Bayliss Elizabeth  Abt 1723Fairfax County, Virginia I04767
3 Blackburn Edward Lewis  1771Fairfax County, Virginia I04885
4 Boggess Henry  7 May 1736Fairfax County, Virginia I02874
5 Boggess Sarah  Abt 1765Fairfax County, Virginia I08027
6 Fairfax Sarah Ann  23 Jan 1815Fairfax County, Virginia I11355
7 Hunter James  7 May 1805Fairfax County, Virginia I10625
8 Hunter Margaret Elizabeth  1809Fairfax County, Virginia I07448
9 Lindsay Hierome Opie  1800Fairfax County, Virginia I02878
10 Lindsay Thomas  1721Fairfax County, Virginia I02863
11 Lindsay Thomas Walter  22 Jul 1800Fairfax County, Virginia I08014
12 Moore Alfred  1835Fairfax County, Virginia I04925
13 Moore Ammishaddai  28 Mar 1809Fairfax County, Virginia I07327
14 Moore Annie  1848Fairfax County, Virginia I04935
15 Moore Arthur  1838Fairfax County, Virginia I04936
16 Moore Bessie Rutherford  1868Fairfax County, Virginia I01808
17 Moore Edgar  1840Fairfax County, Virginia I04912
18 Moore Edith Mae  Aug 1869Fairfax County, Virginia I01810
19 Moore Emma Cora  1846Fairfax County, Virginia I04933
20 Moore Florence  1848Fairfax County, Virginia I04906
21 Moore Gertrude  1844Fairfax County, Virginia I04901
22 Moore James  Abt 1736Fairfax County, Virginia I05890
23 Moore James  Abt 1770Fairfax County, Virginia I11258
24 Moore Jeremiah  1842Fairfax County, Virginia I04937
25 Moore John  Abt 1738Fairfax County, Virginia I05889
26 Moore John Robert  12 Mar 1785Fairfax County, Virginia I07463
27 Moore Margaret Ellen  28 Mar 1834Fairfax County, Virginia I03935
28 Moore Maria  1846Fairfax County, Virginia I03966
29 Moore Mary Elizabeth  1831Fairfax County, Virginia I04911
30 Moore Shadrack  Abt 1766Fairfax County, Virginia I11259
31 Moore William  Abt 1744Fairfax County, Virginia I05891
32 Moore William French  1819Fairfax County, Virginia I04769
33 Moore William Thomas  1849Fairfax County, Virginia I03967
34 Moore Wilmina Elmira  1833Fairfax County, Virginia I04931
35 Powell Susan E.  Jun 1837Fairfax County, Virginia I04918
36 True Stella A.  1884Fairfax County, Virginia I10674
37 Williams Sally V.  1840Fairfax County, Virginia I04893


Matches 1 to 13 of 13

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Elizabeth B.  Abt 1881Fairfax County, Virginia I09723
2 French Angelina Margaret  Abt 1785Fairfax County, Virginia I05814
3 Hunter George Washington, Jr.  1862Fairfax County, Virginia I07454
4 Lampkin Margaret  1785Fairfax County, Virginia I02868
5 Lindsay Fanny  Feb 1845Fairfax County, Virginia I02876
6 Lindsay John Opie  1849Fairfax County, Virginia I02877
7 Lindsay Opie  Abt 1833Fairfax County, Virginia I02870
8 Lindsay Thomas Walter  18 Aug 1802Fairfax County, Virginia I08014
9 Lindsay William  1844Fairfax County, Virginia I02872
10 Moore James  Abt 1801Fairfax County, Virginia I05890
11 Moore John  Abt 1803Fairfax County, Virginia I05889
12 Moore Thomas  Abt 1889Fairfax County, Virginia I01803
13 Powell  Abt 1869Fairfax County, Virginia I09725


Matches 1 to 13 of 13

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Cox / Moore  Abt 1868Fairfax County, Virginia F3526
2 Hunter / Fairfax  1836Fairfax County, Virginia F3823
3 Hunter / Moore  Abt 1795Fairfax County, Virginia F2645
4 Lindsay / Jett  Abt 1799Fairfax County, Virginia F2865
5 Lindsay / Scott  1778Fairfax County, Virginia F0680
6 Moore /   Abt 1846Fairfax County, Virginia F1802
7 Moore /   1880Fairfax County, Virginia F1463
8 Moore /   1893Fairfax County, Virginia F3836
9 Moore / Finch  Abt 1851Fairfax County, Virginia F1804
10 Moore / Hawley  1 Feb 1800Fairfax County, Virginia F1843
11 Moore / Reno  Abt 1802Fairfax County, Virginia F1800
12 Moore / True  Abt 1904Fairfax County, Virginia F3839
13 Powell /   Abt 1831Fairfax County, Virginia F3522