Hastings, Adams County, Nebraska



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Bruntz Betty   I12273
2 Bruntz Donald   I12272
3 Bruntz Edward   I12270
4 Bruntz Edward Jacob  2 Apr 1919Hastings, Adams County, Nebraska I12743
5 Bruntz Frederick  26 Aug 1909Hastings, Adams County, Nebraska I12284
6 Bruntz Henry  26 Feb 1909Hastings, Adams County, Nebraska I21291
7 Bruntz Lydia  30 Mar 1907Hastings, Adams County, Nebraska I12281
8 Bruntz Robert   I12271
9 Bruntz Rosa C.   I12742
10 Bruntz Shirley   I12274
11 Darby Roberta Lea  05 Mar 1925Hastings, Adams County, Nebraska I17554
12 Gardner Kim   I00041
13 McNeff Donna  17 Feb 1937Hastings, Adams County, Nebraska I01425
14 Traudt Clara Marie  11 Jul 1907Hastings, Adams County, Nebraska I23923
15 Waggoner James G.   I07615
16 Wright Suzanne Cheyenne  18 Sep 1973Hastings, Adams County, Nebraska I23203


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Blum Dorothea  1938Hastings, Adams County, Nebraska I20117
2 Bruntz Alexander  27 Jul 1953Hastings, Adams County, Nebraska I12268
3 Bruntz George  Abt 1942Hastings, Adams County, Nebraska I12266
4 Brunz Eva Elisabeth  18 Jan 1952Hastings, Adams County, Nebraska I12267
5 Brunz Heinrich  Abt 1914Hastings, Adams County, Nebraska I12261
6 Brunz Jacob, Jr.  Oct 1963Hastings, Adams County, Nebraska I12197
7 Brunz Philip Adam  7 Jul 1977Hastings, Adams County, Nebraska I12585
8 Deines Elsa Rubina  8 Sep 1967Hastings, Adams County, Nebraska I10301
9 Feuerstein Anna Katherine  24 Aug 1924Hastings, Adams County, Nebraska I22688
10 Feuerstein Christina  24 Aug 1959Hastings, Adams County, Nebraska I22770
11 Feuerstein Heinrich  13 Oct 1934Hastings, Adams County, Nebraska I22628
12 Feuerstein Johann Phillip  24 Aug 1920Hastings, Adams County, Nebraska I22604
13 Haubold Clara M.  14 Apr 1996Hastings, Adams County, Nebraska I23883
14 Haubold LaVerne Linn F.  07 Mar 1991Hastings, Adams County, Nebraska I23887
15 Haubold Mabel L.  29 Oct 1969Hastings, Adams County, Nebraska I23884
16 Helzer Heinrich  24 Sep 1929Hastings, Adams County, Nebraska I22750
17 Helzer Johannes  06 Jun 1967Hastings, Adams County, Nebraska I22758
18 Helzer Samuel Philipp  15 Dec 1971Hastings, Adams County, Nebraska I23190
19 Helzer Wilhelm  1916Hastings, Adams County, Nebraska I22753
20 Kautz Eva Elizabeth  1943Hastings, Adams County, Nebraska I12258
21 Kautz Heinrich  Abt 1937Hastings, Adams County, Nebraska I20128
22 Koch Jacob  01 Aug 1941Hastings, Adams County, Nebraska I23715
23 Reiber Elizabeth  Abt 1969Hastings, Adams County, Nebraska I12269
24 Traudt Catharina  Abt 1965Hastings, Adams County, Nebraska I22762
25 Traudt Peter  30 Jun 1910Hastings, Adams County, Nebraska I23921
26 Weitzel Dora Christina  27 Dec 1987Hastings, Adams County, Nebraska I23168
27 Weitzel Magdalena  21 Nov 1943Hastings, Adams County, Nebraska I17027


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 Spady Magdalena  Hastings, Adams County, Nebraska I22683


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Bruntz / Reiber  17 Dec 1919Hastings, Adams County, Nebraska F4371
2 Hopp / Grasmick  1969Hastings, Adams County, Nebraska F7987
3 Richard / McNeff  26 Mar 1955Hastings, Adams County, Nebraska F0528
4 Smith / Weitzel  03 Jun 1933Hastings, Adams County, Nebraska F6453
5 Traudt / Helzer  07 Jan 1905Hastings, Adams County, Nebraska F7913
6 Weitzel / Vastine   F6452