A Genealogy of the Name


This site provides a background to the genealogy of the name as presented in "The Next Generation" software provided by Darrin Lythgoes.

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The story as stated is taken from village coordinator, Darrell W. Kaut’s, (Merkel Village Coordinator for the American Historical Society for Germans from Russia (AHSGR)) book “In the Shadow of the Bell Tower“.

References are made to Arthur Flegel’s article “A Brief History of the Creation of the German Colonies on the Volga” An article written for the California District Council Report of the American Historical Society of Germans From Russia, Issue No. 13, Spring, 1997, entitled “German Records Out of Russia” describing the history of the Volga German Records. Catherine II “Manifesto” of July 22, 1763.

I believe it would be wise to check as many other resources as desired and available for further data, clarification, information and stories of the life of Germans who migrated to Russia and on to other lands in their 250 plus year history.

My acquaintance with Clarence J. Margheim came coincidental to a brief search on the Internet. I had know little of my ancestry, only that my great grandfather had owned a flour mill at a place called Eckheim on the Volga. Whether he owned a flour mill or not has not yet been determined but the ancestry to Gottlieb Margheim, born in Dresden, Germany in 1741 has been established and considerable material has been gathered that verifies what this book represents. While Clarence has done the work, I have tailed along to live and learn what otherwise may never have happened.

My specific contribution included my father’s family genealogy as Clarence had not bee able to derive the detail at the time he and I made contact. This web site is an attempt to participate in the process of discovering our Margheim ancestors and contribute in some manner for all the generous and kind work that he has contributed.